What is The Silva Method?

The Towson, MD class is quickly approaching and I am very excited. One of my most gratifying enjoyments is teaching The Silva Life System & Intuition training. I am asked often,

“What is Silva?” 
“What do you teach?” 

What I’ve decided is, I teach people to find their balance and shine. Yes, shine in all areas of their lives: family, business, health, fun, and creativity. Can you imagine a life where all those things are in balance? Where you glide through life with ease? Confident in the decisions you make. Can you see yourself supported by family (whatever your definition of family is), money not being an issue because there is plenty, you are healthy and able to enjoy life. Can you see yourself traveling and having time to explore the world or enjoy your favorite hobbies? Can you see yourself coming up with creative ways to enrich your life or picking up that paintbrush you always wished you had the time or courage to do?

For many, only one or two of these are true. What I love about Silva is that we share very specific techniques to let you shine in all areas of your life. This is not a “think happy thoughts and all will work out” program. This is an “unlock your potential because you are more amazing than you ever believed and these techniques will prove it to you” program!

And we guarantee it! 

You will discover the limitations you or others have placed on yourself and how to move passed them. And then how to create the balance and success you

“Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life; don’t make it wait any longer.”  ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli

Be courageous and shine!
Better & Better!
Touchstone Classes - 2nd Tuesday of the Month
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