Flowing with Silva

The first month of the New Year is gone. How are those New Year’s resolutions and promises you have made to yourself? Are you staying strong and focused? Or is your steam dwindling? Lucky for you you have a toolbox filled with powerful tools that can help you reach your goals. The only catch is you have to dust them off and use them!

 I don’t have time!

I have heard from many of you, asking, “How do I make time to use Silva.” Is this you? Would you be surprised if I told you that you didn’t need to make time? This statement probably does not feel right. What do I mean? We are taught we have to make “time” for everything: family, work, play, exercise, eating, hobbies, and the list goes on and on. I encourage you to look at your tools as the way to make time for everything else in your life. Your Silva techniques should be an integrated, natural response throughout your day.

This is an example of a day flowing with Silva:

  • Starting at night before going to bed, use your Glass of Water technique (and jot your question down in a little notebook), set your mental alarm clock 5 minutes before you need to get up and go to sleep (use sleep control if needed).
  • In the morning after you have awakened, take a couple of moments to see your day going well, focus on meetings or dealings with others. Taking time to finish your Glass of Water technique (jot down any answers you received in the night) and act on any answers.
  • As your day progresses, utilize your Three Fingers technique, for driving, meetings, and interactions with people, or when you have a decision to make. Remember, the Three Fingers technique triggers alpha, even with your eyes open.

Can it be this easy?

Yes, it is this easy. This is how you flow with Silva and create flow in your life. Of course, if you can squeeze in some time to meditate, all the better, but don’t beat yourself up for not meditating. Love yourself. Take things in steps and be proud of yourself for taking action. The only way to build success is to pick something and use it.

Learn. Grow. Achieve

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