How Did That Happen So Fast?

How fast can you manifest something? 

Does it take 
two weeks, a month, a year?

Did you ever think about the answer? 

Recently, I was reading some “Woo-Hoo!” moments from graduates, on my Growing With Silva Graduate Facebook page. They were very different manifestations. One was the correction of a health issue and the other was a six week trip coming to fruition. The one thing they had in common, was the mentioning of being surprised at how quickly things manifested. So, I ask you, how fast can you manifest? 

Or, more accurately, what limitations do you place upon your ability to manifest quickly?

Your knee-jerk reaction may be to say, “Hey, Jen, I don’t put a limit on myself.” Maybe, maybe not. However, it has been my experience, that we do. We create beliefs, based upon our experiences and we rationalize how “things” must work. 

I ask, that you take some time, to ponder 
this question. 

I often hear in classes, that big goals take a long time to manifest. 

Who decides what is a big goal and 
what is a small goal? 


So, looking at your manifest record. Do “big” things take longer than “small” things? What are these big goals? Are they money goals? Relationship goals? Health goals? What are the small goals? Parking spaces? Creative solutions for work? Making a business contact? 

I challenge you to re-evaluate your goals and see them all as “small” things.

 Notice, I did not say, “unimportant” because all of our goals are important. Then, being the amazing Conscious Creator that you are, you can speed up the manifesting process. Do this work, at your laboratory level. Feel what a small goal feels like, and then, feel what a big goal feels like. Do you sense more tension around then big goal? Yes? If so, change it. You are in control. The finger snapping controls are great for this. Or, simply superimpose the feelings from a smaller goal over the big goal. Feel it all through your body and then lock it in, with the 
5 Finger Technique.

You got this. Happy manifesting!

Post below and let me know how quickly you are manifesting now.

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