Go Deeper

Welcome to the end of 2015! I don’t know about you, but my 2015 was a year of immense change. Looking back, I could not imagine so much change could happen in twelve short months. My business has grown, and I have expanded my classes to Tampa, Florida, made some amazing friends, and learned some important lesson along the way. It has also been a year of loss. There are seven people I will never be able to hug again. I know I am not the same person I was a year ago.

As the last hours of December are trickling by, I look forward to 2016 with excitement and wonder. What goals do I choose to set, what new things do I choose to experience in the New Year. As Silva graduates, we know, that we can create any experience we want. So the question is, what do I want and how do I know it is the “right” thing for me. Maybe you have wondered that same thing while setting goals or intentions.

One of the important lessons I learned this last year is the importance of going deeper, deeper within. I have read the words a thousand times in the Silva conditioning cycles, “deeper, healthier level of mind,” “deepening exercises,” “go deeper.” Do those words sound familiar? They should. Those words are written in every conditioning cycle. Often they are associated with going to a deeper, more relaxed state. However, I would like you to consider another meaning. One that will help you become aware of what is “right” for you. How does going deeper, reaching a deeper connection with your true self, your authentic self, resonate with you? For me, this change has made every mediation become more powerful, every technique I have used, work more quickly and answers appear more clearly.

As you make your resolutions, or set your goals, I encourage you to set an intention to go deeper AND then use your Silva Method techniques to make 2016 an amazing year. You deserve it!

I hope our paths cross in the New Year.


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