March Newsletter

Happy March Everyone!

It’s hard to believe winter is almost over and Spring flowers are ready to burst into being.

Being a May baby, I have always had an affinity with Spring. The excitement of the first blooms, pushing up through the earth.

This is actually how I visualize my goals – seeds planted, flowers springing forth into fruition.

Right now I have many flowers blooming: a new teaching location for Baltimore (The Movement Lab), writing and recording the meditation cycles I’ve been sharing with you, doing remote Reiki healing, and putting together graduate refresher training (watch your email for the questionnaire). 

This is a rich time for achieving whatever you desire.

Start planting your seeds now.

My hope is that we are able to connect in some way soon. 

Love & peace,

Touchstone Wednesday

Next Video Call Wednesday, March 8*, 2017.
1st Wednesday of every month @ 7p.m on Zoom.

*This is a rescheduled date from the 1st. My daughter was coming back from France and her plane was delayed several hours.

A touchstone is something used to evaluate the quality or excellence of something. When we create touchstones for our life, we can more easily connect with what will enhance our life and move us closer to our goals.

Join me for a 1-hour live video conference call, monthly, where you will create a touchstone, set intentions for the upcoming month, connect to your highest Self for inspiration, and evaluate your progress on your journey.

This is open to everyone, Silva grads, and non-Silva grads. All conference calls will be held on Zoom – a free service. You only need to download the program from and then click on the conference link from

If you have any questions, please ask. I look forward to connecting with you.

Upcoming Training Dates:

Baltimore, MD @ The Movement Lab
March 11 & 12 – Silva Life System Training
March 18 & 19 – Silva Intuition Training

Tampa, FL @ The Sheraton Westshore
March 30 & 31 – Silva Life System Training
April 1 & 2 – Silva Intuition Training

Sign-up here!

S.E.E. Your Opportunity

When I was in Tampa, in January, there were many amazing moments, as with all classes, moments of connection and collaboration of thoughts and ideas.

This is why live classes are so powerful!

One of the ideas that evolved, was from me sharing my driving program. If you’ve been to my class, you know, I mental state before driving, “my way is safe, speedy, and uneventful.”

These short little mantras are very effective for setting intention.

And I find them to grow in momentum when used often. Safe, speedy, and uneventful has become a strong belief for me. Something I expect to happen every time I drive.

As the conversation, in Tampa, went on, we were playing with words.

Trying them out, for a mantra for everyday manifesting. All those white frame mirrors.

The class clicked on easily, effortlessly, and safely.

Me being a great Scrabble player, immediately, saw it spelled “EES,” but if we switched the letters around spelled “SEE.”

How does this resonate with you?

Can you “SEE” your opportunities?

See them coming safely, easily, and effortlessly?

Remember, one of the biggest obstacles for allowing new experiences into our lives is fear. Fear of the unknown. Unknown is a quick trigger for the old part of our brain – the fight or flight response.

The more we can do to pacify that part of the brain, the more easily our programming will come to fruition, because a huge block has been removed.

Adding a mantra that establishes new things coming safely, paired with your visualizing, is a powerful tool for manifesting.

I’ve played with this quite a bit in the last month and have found my life is flowing even smoother. The right people are showing up in my life and I can “SEE” they were part of a synchronous event to help me achieve my goal.

We are all part of a “S.E.A.” of opportunity. Another favorite of mine – safely, easily, and abundantly.

Don’t run your programs on a default setting. Choose your intentions.

Do you have a favorite mantra you use for programming? Send me a message, I’d love to hear what you use.

Happy manifesting!


Touchstone Classes - 2nd Tuesday of the Month
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