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I can only come on weekends. Can I just come for two days?

Yes. It is best if you can come to all four days. It is a fantastic experience. However, I understand, some people are unable to take four days off from work. So, I’ve crafted my schedule to allow those who can only do weekends, to be able to get both programs over a couple of months. No worries!

The Silva Life System training must be completed before the Intuition training can be taken.

9 a.m. - 6 p.m. is a full day. How are the breaks set up?

There are many short breaks throughout the day and an hour lunch. My goal is to always make it a fun classroom environment. You will be able to move around and engage. The day flies by!

I'm a Basic Course Graduate, why is there a $200.00 fee to take the 4 Day Immersion?

There have been exciting things happening at Silva International. One of the big changes was the the creation of the Silva Life System training and the Intuition training. These two programs include the information taught in the Basic Course and new material added to the Intuition training. The $200.00 fee includes the instruction of the new material, a new updated manual, and ID #. Once you have taken the new material, you will be able to refresh anytime in the future, for the graduate seating fee. If you are not sure which graduate you are, send me your ID # and I can find out from Silva International.

Can I bring snacks?

Yes. I ask that you bring snacks in “quiet” containers. Water is provided in the room and coffee and tea is available in the lobby.

I like to lie down to meditate. Can I lie down in the class?

Yes. During the cycles there are usually one or two who prefer to lie down or sit on the floor. Whatever works for you. Bring a pillow or blanket, if you would be more comfortable.

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