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Meet the Instructor

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Jennifer DeSau Barber and I am thrilled to share The Silva Method with you. My journey with the Silva Method began back in the 70’s, when I was a small child.

I had the unique experience and privilege of growing up with The Silva Method. There is not a time in my life that I can recall not having these tools available to me.

My grandfather is Dr. George DeSau. If you have read, The Silva Mind Control Method book (the blue book), you may recognize his name. He was the clinical psychologist, hired by José Silva to work with the research and development of the program. I guess it could be said, I was his guinea pig; a willing guinea pig.

I was taught, if I couldn’t get to sleep, there was a technique for that. If I had a tough decision to make, there was a technique for that. Problems with a subject in school? There was a technique for that. Problems at work? There was a technique for that.

​Can you imagine having techniques to help you confidently make everyday and important life decisions? Can you imagine yourself, moving confidently through life “in the flow”? This is what The Silva Method offers.

My unique upbringing and pragmatic outlook, makes me an excellent Silva Method instructor. I have vast experience, using every one of these amazing techniques, and the ability to clearly show you, how to get the most from them. All the while, keeping the class light and fun. Creating the life you desire is fun, when you have the tools to make it happen! This is what I am looking forward to sharing with you.

My lifelong experience with these techniques and over 17 years experience as a trainer and coach, gives me the knowledge, not only share the information and techniques with you but to also show you how to implement them into your life, making your life better and better. Check out the upcoming class dates and I’ll see you there!


I am so happy that I worked with you specifically. Your openness to try on new things works well with me. We didn’t just get the if this then this version. We get the play with it and see technique that opens us up to anything we can imagine. My board room idea came because you encouraged us to use the tools as they fit for us. And because your answer to “can I” is always yes, I took the health cases we did and adapted them to business owners. My business owners are already seeing powerful results and reporting back huge actions in their businesses. One finally got the courage to hire marketing help. Another felt empowered and supported to trust in her own process and has since helped her clients in much bigger ways. And this is just the beginning!


I am so glad I was guided directly to your course. I’m 100% certain you were the exact right instructor for me!!!

Crystal Gifford

I’ve historically relied a lot on my intuition and my “gut feelings.” This has given me some tools/techniques to improve these skills and build confidence. Jen has such a positive attitude, energetic, and obviously loves what she does and can explain it, teach it in doable terms, and builds our confidence.

Kathy H

The potential for the techniques presented is phenomenal. It’s just a matter of integrating the techniques into my life. It was a pleasure and an honor to have Jen as a facilitator. She’s extremely knowledgeable and shares her insight and expertise with such ease. Thank you!

Tracy S

I am a returning grad and didn’t realize how much I had forgotten. I’ve learned to apply these techniques in other areas of my life. Jen is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Don W

Jen DeSau Barber was and is an inspiration for living life from the place of our purest creation. She lives her life utilizing the Silva techniques with an unlimited creative perspective. Her unique background with her grandfather and grandmother Dr. George DeSau and Ruth DeSau, make her a “one of a kind” Instructor. Her approach is empowering. I experienced unlimited permission to create, resolve and restore the person I want to be, the BE-ing I came here to be. I feel very blessed to have taken the course with her and look forward to a review!

Joy DiMenna

I didn’t expect much from the course because I know how I block things that will help me. Somehow this course went around those blocks! Jen is a great instructor with a positive attitude. She established rapport with everyone there.


The course met a very important need! I have been studying hypnotherapy and had encountered a major block. This course has given me the means to work through that block. That block is only the beginning of a lot of changes I have planned for my life! I appreciate Jen’s approach of adapting the techniques and combining them with other skills as tools. She is fantastic!

Jenny D

This was awesome, and Jen did a great job guiding me through the material. She has outstanding understanding of the material, and a great presentation!

Dennis S

Jen is a superb teacher, with a rare ability to communicate, to empathize, to personalize, and individualize, with a warmth of style, a depth of sincerity and conviction. The class itself is an introduction to a new world, that of the inner consciousness. The information is clear, thorough, and helpful in many ways: from finding parking spaces to healing and everything in between. It is a valuable program with lasting benefits in matters of the mind, the heart, and the spirit. Thank you very much!

Don and Jen

The class went beyond my expectations. I’ve learned so many methods and tools to better my life and the people around me.

Kathy H

The main challenge I carried to the Silva class was to find a job to replace the one I was retiring from. I accepted a job on my 65th birthday. at a 20% increase in pay doing work I enjoy more than what I have been doing for the last two years 20 miles and 30 – 40 minutes closer to home The work we did at the Silva class was a large factor in achieving that result. Thank you.

Mark S

Jen was an excellent instructor, interspersing information, stories, experiences, and exercises with nice energy and positive attitude.


Eye-opener! Jennifer does an excellent job!

Jane K

Jennifer is awesome, gifted, and patient. She is very knowledgeable and able to answer all questions and concerns, often with personal anecdotes. The class is everything I hoped for and more. The only thing that could make the class better would be balloon animals.


Thanks so much!

Jose J

… I am in a state of amazement and I’m still absorbing whatever it was that happened to me that weekend. I can only describe it with the words … “My life has changed.” I have a new outlook about … well … about everything. I am full of energy. I feel weights have been lifted from my shoulders, fog has cleared from my brain. More than that, a vague feeling of anxiety and depression is gone. More importantly, I feel a new sense of openness. More importantly, I feel a new sense of openness. My eyes have been opened to a sense of wanting to help others. I’ve been led to a charitable project since the class and have been overwhelmed by the positive response from others. I wrote a letter to your Grandfather telling him how the class came at just the right moment for me. Perhaps that was why I was so receptive. Or maybe because I was receptive the class came at just the right moment. Whichever. Really makes no difference. I just know the Silva method has made a difference in me.

Nancy B



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